What's The Point?


This year, I promised to myself that I would read more books, watch more movies, listen to more music and think more about what I read, watch and listen to. Writing about these topics has always been a useful way of processing them, but my writing was always sloppy and never published (or never publishable). Byrgen will hopefully be a place I can put down thoughts, refine them and publish them, as well as a way to improve my ability to do all 3.

Hopefully, it will be a decent mix between personal and professional interests, with writing about how I relate to my body through the lens of Cyberpunk & body horror to writing about programming, devops, and the like.

One of my main personal goals this year is to read more philosophy. I've encountered it a lot in my reading on Marxist political economy and history, but it always felt intimidating. A mode of thinking, or thinking about thinking, that I found unintuitive (and, shamefully, thought was rather pointless). This has spun out of my interest in cybernetics and to that end I'm focusing on philosophy of mind, of rationalism and of thought with an eye to post/non-human intelligences.

The main basic principle of Byrgen is to prompt myself to write, in the same way that Færeld has prompted me to spend my free time on side projects and self-improvement.